Drake Creative, Hudson Valley, New YorkWe do two things:

1. Identity systems
Visual identities and messaging platforms, so every bit as much focus on your language as how you look. We apply these systems to every form of communication your company or organization has with the world.

2. Experiential design
Both temporary, multimedia and exhibit content for events, exhibits, and theater, and permanent installation, which generally means signage — wayfinding, interpretive, and informational — for places like buildings, public spaces, and parks.

Storytelling is such buzz word these days we hate to use it, but we’ve based our designs on story since we started. Our creative director is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright, and has a background in journalism. Sitting down with people and getting their story is what he loves to do, and it’s why our designs are so true to our clients.

Our art director also has worked as production manager for the better part of her professional career. That’s why our projects tend to work and finish on time.

But our clients are really the reason our work is good. We’ve been very lucky to have amazing clients from all over the world who keep our jobs interesting. As long as they keep it up, so will we.